The story of the little ladies – Povestea domnisoarelor

*This post is written both in English and Romanian (below) – Articolul este scris atat in engleza, cat si in romana (mai jos)

When my friend showed me „the little ladies”, I suddenly burst into tears. It was an emotional meeting in depth. I knew she was working passionately her craft and knowing Oana (I mean Pippa), I expected to be surprised. But the result of her many months of autodidact work, trials and errors, dedication and perseverance – astonished me. I felt a mixture of love, pride, cuteness, but mostly joy. The joy of my inner child awakened, caressed as if the little ladies were a gentle, healing universe. That second I missed my childhood badly. A million emotions and sensations came to my heart. Pure delight. I wondered: if I am feeling this, how a little girl must feel when embracing a little lady?

A little lady is the perfect gift for a girl or for a grown up because of its delicacy, because it cherishes our inner child and because of the fabric and execution quality. The unique handcrafted dolls are made only from the best sustainable materials someone can get: linen, Australian wool, cotton. All 100% natural. No trace of plastic. These fashionist dolls are a great example of craft mastery and respect for the children receiving them. When a child cuddles a wool stuffed doll, she experiences a sensation of warmth and softness like hugging a human being. The little lady would inevitably become her best friend.

Ok. I know you want to meet them. So here are the little ladies…

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